We’ve noticed that many members of the Tube8 Community have been getting hard and working harder on scoring badges and leveling up within our achievements system. It’s awesome! We like to keep our faptacular users on their toes so we have recently added a fun new badge for you all to lust after; the Star Seeker.

You, dear users, are a smart and observant bunch who definitely know their smut so here’s another chance to show off some of that hard-earned skill. It’s happened to all of us – you’re in the midst of rubbing one out when suddenly you catch a glimpse of that busty readhead’s gloriously cum-covered face and think to yourself, “hey! I know who that is!”. Be it the real girl next door or a porn super star, simply enter the name belonging to the familiar face in our handy ‘name that porn star’ tool, which is accessible either on the top left side of the video player, or by hitting the blue ‘add pornstar’ button in the video details below, as seen here:

namenameOnce you submit, the names will be reviewed by the porn elves here at Tube8 HQ and after enough members have correctly identified the talent, the porn star names will be added to the video details. After you’ve successfully identified 25 stars in this way, you’ll be the proud new owner of one of these:



Get to work fappers!


Ava K



New HTML5 Uploader!

by Ava K on May 21, 2014

Hey Mastube8ers!

We have made yet another faptastic improvement to the site which we hope you will all enjoy and start taking advantage of. Our brand spankin’ new HTML5 uploader is now live! This means that you, dear site member, can now finally upload your smut directly from your tablets and non-Flash friendly PC’s onto the site. This is an option that many of you have been asking us about for a while now on our feedback forum and we’re making good on our word to deliver you the best site experience possible. Check out this quick tutorial on how to best make use of this banging new feature using your tablet:

First, log in to the site with your username and password then hit the upload icon:


You will then be redirected to the upload screen and will be prompted to select your media:


Once you have selected your video from your device’s video library, simply fill in all of the required fields. Once you’ve indicated orientation, category and have filled in the title, description, tags and porn star, hit upload.


Now the waiting game. I would personally take this opportunity to open a new window and catch a quick fap session but you can also watch in live time as your video uploads to the site with the progress bar.

VideoDetails2Once your video has finished uploading, you’ll notice a ‘Uploaded Successfully!’ message just above the progress bar and will also receive email notification that your video is on its way to the site.You can expect to see your video up on Tube8 shortly after receiving this notification, once your video has been approved to go live.

So fire up those iPads and get those sex tapes on to Tube8 now for the entire community to enjoy! As always, more good stuff is on the way so be sure to cum back soon!


Ava K



New Profile Feature: It’s All About You!

by Ava K on April 17, 2014

Hello Mastub8ers!

As you know, we have been working hard on making your Tube8 experience more personal and have been adding lots of fun social elements to our user profiles over the course of the past few months. We are super stoked to announce that we have added the ability for you to tell other site members more about your fine self with our new About Me section! This is a feature that a few of you have been asking for over on our feedback forum so we are delivering the goods. It not only enhances your engagement abilities with those who follow you already but also lets the rest of the site members know a little bit more about who you are, giving them all the more reason to start following you too!

Here is a quick step-by-step to walk you through the personalization process.

Once you log in, navigate to “My Profile” to view your dashboard. Locate the ‘About Me’ section just under your avatar. Click where it says ‘tell us a little more about yourself here’.

Once you click, you will be redirected to your settings page where you can add in your personalized text. Simply enter what you’ve got to say and click save! We may be a porn site but we do have our limits too – please don’t put anything here that violates our TOS. That means no hate speech, mentions of rape, incest or any of that other yucky stuff.


Once you’ve saved, head back to your dashboard and take a look at the finished product.



We hope that you all enjoy this little new addition to your profiles!  As always, we’ve got a ton of new stuff heading your way soon so stay tuned!




St-Patricks-Day-Mailer-v4_FOR BLOG POST What’s up Mastub8er’s?

Spring is almost here and it’s time for some new beginnings. As many of you may have seen on our twitter feed we recently got rid of the 5 video limit on Tube8 Mobile! We understand how important it is to have unlimited access to high quality porn on-the-go. Sometimes it takes some searching to find that perfect video to enjoy… in the bathroom… on your lunch break. Rest assured, you can now browse on your mobile device to your crotch’s content, uninterrupted. So keep those smartphones charged and that 4G signal strong – you’ve got work to do!




Fuck Yourself Sybian Contest Winners Announced!

by Ava K on February 18, 2014


Hello Mastub8ers!

A few months ago we teamed up with our buds at Pornhub and Youporn and told you to go fuck yourselves (+ film it) for a chance to win the creme de la creme of sex toys.

Just to refresh your memory, up for grabs were:

A Sybian machine for the ladies – every girl’s dream machine!

her-prizeAnd for the dudes, a Venus 2000- arguably better than the real thing!


The time has finally cum to announce the winners so please give a round of fap-plause to both:

elealovebi of Pornhub, winner of the Sybian

and jamesdeantheman from Youporn, winner of the Venus2000!


Thanks again to all who entered!




Sextreme Makeover: User Profile Edition

by Ava K on February 5, 2014

Being a follower isn’t always a bad thing, especially when it involves keeping up to date with your favorite porn. As some of you have already noticed, we recently overhauled our user profile pages and added some great new features!

There is truly nothing better in life than free porn, right? WRONG. Free porn coupled with a free Tube8 membership is the key to accessing new heights of pornirvana. The perks alone are enough to make you horny! Real talk – if you haven’t already, the time has cum to sign up for your FREE Tube8 membership. In addition to some of the great features that our members are currently enjoying such as a personalized profile complete with avatars and cover photos, your very own curated favorites list, being able to comment on videos and  achievement badges just to name a few, you can now follow your favorite Tube8 members to quickly access their videos! You can view activity from your follows as well as quickly access your favorited videos, comments and uploads on the left hand side of your profile. Better yet, the new profile layout lets you see what I see – when you view another user’s profile, you can also quickly see their follows, favorites, etc in the same way that they do. This lets you connect with more users and discover hot new videos that others have favorited with a scroll and a few clicks!



We have made it really easy for you to access what you want the most, right away. Our revamped navigation bar has all the good stuff in one place: dashboard, uploaded videos, favorites, followed users, followers, comments and achievements. Just click!



The activity feed is awesome because it acts as an archive of your activity on the site both for you and other users to see. It chronologically shows your comments, favorited videos, achievements and follows in one convenient location! Check it out on the right hand side of the new user dashboard:



OK so in case you needed an even easier way to quickly access your or a fellow mastub8er’s upload, comment and follow stats, we got you. Just click the level icon, located on the right hand side above the dashboard and poof! info toggles out. Over it? Click it again and it slides to hide.


We really put our all into this overhaul and we hope that you’re as stoked about the changes as we are. Keep cumming back for more updates from your favorite porn site and start following some new friends!




Revamped Achievements System: lvl up while you get it up

January 15, 2014

A few of you may have noticed that your profiles are looking a little different these days. As promised, we have been working hard to improve the way that our members use and experience the site. Though a visit to Tube8 is bound to guarantee reward in at least one form, we have introduced a […]

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Fuck Yourself for the Amateur Video Contest!

November 28, 2013

What better way to keep warm this winter  than with some self-love? Tube8, Pornhub, Youporn and Sybian are cordially inviting you to fuck yourself, film it and upload it for your chance to win the creme de la creme of sex toys. We’ve got prizes for both him and her, valued at over 3000$ ! […]

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It’s Such a Perfect Day:Tube8 is PS4 Ready!

November 22, 2013

In case the highly anticipated launch of the PS4 wasn’t enough of a reason to never leave your couch again, we’ve got one more. Be sure to stock the man-cave with cum rags because Tube 8 is now PS4 compatible! Those perfect days that you have envisioned cuddled up to your new favorite console will […]

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Flat and Thin Isn’t Always Bad: Tube8′s New Look

October 2, 2013

When it comes to your favorite porn, ‘flat’ and ‘thin’ aren’t generally words that come to mind. When it comes to your favorite porn site’s new aesthetic however, flat and thin is exactly what we were going for. We wanted to keep it simple. Less clutter and more simplicity overall makes it much easier to […]

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