Top 5 most viewed Categories!

by Roxi on July 27, 2016

Hey y’all,

It’s that time of year when we look at our statistics to find out what you guys watch most often. Here is our top 5 most popular viewed categories on Tube8.


#5 – Anal –   You guys like it nasty, don’t ya? Anal does rock!

#4 – AmateurAs much as we love the professionals, there’s just something so hot about amateur porn.. 

#3 – Asian  –  Asian sensation! Yup. Agreed. 

#2 – Mature –  MILF!! Enough said. 

#1 – Teen – Of course #1 goes to TEENYou guys like em nice and young huh? You naughty pervs ;) 


Hope you enjoyed our top 5 most viewed. Until next time.


Roxi out xo







Tube8 is now on Instagram!

by Roxi on June 23, 2016

Hey y’all!

Awesome news! Tube8 is officially on Instagram. You can find us at Tube8official.

Follow us!… we know you want to ;)

Roxi xo


Hello everybody,

Awesome news! For those who like using Tube8 &  Pornhub, you will now be able to sign into Tube8 with your Pornhub account!  It’s simple really… Just press the Sign up with Pornhub button and you are in! You are now able to use all our member only features like favorite lists, commenting and uploading your own videos.

The best part? If you are a Pornhub Premium user, you get ads free experience on Tube8!

I know you guys will enjoy this! ;)

Roxi out


Tube8’s new filter!

by Roxi on April 19, 2016

Hey y’all,

Make sure you check out our new ”Magic”  filter for videos!  You simply click on the ”Categories” tab and you will see the filter tab to your right hand side. From there, things just get way easier ;)







Here is the best top 5 ways to filter!


1. For the blowjob lovers


2. For those who like taking their time


3. For those who have a fetish. You kinky animals.


4. For the ones who like it hardcore


5. For all those who like the younger crowd. Teens.



Hope you all enjoy!


Roxi xo


Tube8 on Smart TV and Console

by Roxi on March 18, 2016

Hey y’all!

Amazing news! Tube8 is now available on Smart TV and console. This means you can enjoy Tube8 Porn on a large screen TV! What more can you possibly want?

For those who aren’t familiar with how to use the consoles browser, simply visit the online tutorial! It’s easy peasy.


Xbox One


Roxi out ;)


Tube8 Top 5 most frequently asked questions!

by Roxi on January 22, 2016

Top 5 most frequently asked questions

As most of you know, we spend a lot of our time responding to your requests by least the requests that matter. Yes, sometimes you guys write us for nothing! Don’t you have other things to do?  You figure it would sometimes be a challenge for us but the truth is, you guys ask a lot of the same question’s over and over. Therefore, I want to share with you, the top 5 most frequently asked questions that we get asked by our User’s. YOU. Here we go.


  1. What’s the difference between Premium and a free membership?

A Premium membership gives you access to our exclusive videos that free user’s cannot see or have access too. Therefore, you spend money on really hot and high quality videos. Totally worth it by the way!


  1. I want to be a Pornstar

BUT OF COURSE YOU DO! That’s why we’ve got an amateur program to help you make some money. All you have do is contact us and we will give you the right contact information to get you through the door. You kinky animals ;)


  1. Copyright issues

Guys, seriously…you’re supposed to know this by now. You cannot upload content that does not belong to you or that you do not own the rights to. That’s a copyright violation. We’ve got rules for a reason and I’m pretty sure that the people in the videos you’re posting, don’t feel like being on other Porn websites or porn sites at all. Just be cool about it, capiche?


2. Revenge Porn (Take down my video)

Ouch, that’s embarrassing. You know what, it happens….people are mean and they will upload your videos on the website. That’s why we are here to remove it ASAP. As sad as this is, it’s a pretty common request that we get. Just make sure that when you part ways with your ex-partner that you keep it amicable….especially if there’s a sex tape involved. Gulp.


  1. Why isn’t this video working?

The most POPULAR question we receive is ‘’why isn’t my video downloading?’’. There can be many reasons, so don’t have a panic attach just yet! Firstly, always check your internet connection, sometimes if it isn’t strong enough the video will lag or just not play at all. Secondly, we do recommend that you use a good/strong browser in order for the videos to play normally. We usually go with Google Chrome or Firefox. Thirdly, it’s always good to clear your cache and cookies and refresh. Sometimes a PC or mobile needs a nap for 30 seconds, these are technical devices after all. Lastly, if a video doesn’t play at all once you have tried everything in your power, then indeed, there may just be something wrong with the video itself.


So, this about sums it up! This is what you guys ask us the most. Once again it’s always a pleasure answering your requests, you can find the support email here:


Yours truly,





New HD video’s for everyone!

November 26, 2015

Hey y’all! We’ve got big news for those of you who enjoy watching and uploading high quality videos. The HD option will now be available for everyone!  It’s easier than baking a cake! Here are some examples down below. Hoping to see all your sexy videos in great quality soon! Roxi ;) Tweet

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Top 10 Tube8 Video Comments!

October 29, 2015

Hey y’all, It’s that time of year where we get to share the top 10 most popular video comments with you! Enjoy :) #10. I worried about badges when I was a boy scout….then I started getting laid.   #9.  By reading books he means porn magazines, of course!   #8. Good for […]

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September 24, 2015

Great news! Tube8 is now available in 3 new languages: French, German and Spanish! So to all our Latin lovers out there, our frisky Frenchmen and our goo-loving Germans, you can now enjoy browsing your favorite porn site in the language that really gets your rocks off. We’ve translated the category names, the navigation items […]

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Fake Agent and Massage Rooms now exclusive to Pornhub Network

November 17, 2014

  Massage Room- Trained masseurs and masseuses using real techniques to ensure their “clients” always cum and relax. We are pleased to announce the exclusivity of The Massage Rooms category with Tube8 and The Pornhub Network. Check out one of our favorites to get your “feet” wet. Massage Rooms Petite teen gets double action from male […]

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