I Forgot My Password/How Can I Reset My Password.

To reset your password, simply click here to access the Password Reset page and there enter the email address that you used to sign up for the site. You will be emailed a link to generate a new password, which you can then use to log in.

Once you’ve logged in, select “Settings” from the drop down menu, where you can then update your password to one of your choosing

I Downloaded A Bunch Of Videos, But They Won’t Open. What Gives?

When you download videos from they are in either MP4 (from desktop) or 3GP (from mobile) format and need to be viewed on a player/device that supports these.

We suggest using a VLC media player. It’s a portable, free and open-source, cross-platform player and works with Windows, Mac & Linux.

Where Can I See My Favorites?

Your favorites are accessible from selecting the “Favorites” option in the drop down menu. For more info on how to best use our favorites feature, please click here.

How Do I Add Videos To My Favorites List?

You can add a video to your favorites by clicking on the “Favorite” button below the video.


How Can I Remove Videos From My Favorites?

Clicking the “Favorite” button once the video has already been added to your favorites will serve to remove it.


I Subscribed For A Premium Account. Where Is The Premium Content?

Click on the Premium HD tab on the site header, or simply click here.

How Can I Cancel My Account?

We’re sorry to hear you want to leave our community. We will, of course, honor your request. To permanently cancel your account, click on the Settings option in the Profile drop down menu and once you have been redirected to the settings page, scroll to the bottom to “Cancel Account”. Click the blue “Delete Tube8 Account” button to begin.

PLEASE NOTE: This is irreversible and all of your comments, favorites & profile customization will be permanently lost.

How Can I Cancel My Premium Membership?

To cancel your premium membership, please visit

What Are All Of These Badges On My Profile And How Can I Get More?

Great question! We recently revamped our free user profiles through the addition of an achievements system. To learn more about our badges, XP points and how to earn your own – please lick here.

How Can I Customize My Free User Profile?

We love it when site members pimp their profiles with custom avatars and background photos. For more on how to do this yourself, click here and  learn how to make the most out of some other awesome profile features.

I want to make sure a video of me or my content never gets uploaded to

We use MediaWise®, a third-party automated audiovisual identification system, to assist us in identifying and blocking potentially infringing content from being uploaded by users. Videos uploaded to are compared against MediaWise®’s database of digital fingerprints. When a video is matched to a digital fingerprint, access to it is disabled. If you are interested in having your content digitally fingerprinted by the provider of the automated audiovisual identification system we use, please contact Vobile in one of the manners described at

How do I DMCA a video?

Filing a DMCA Notice of Copyright Infringement
If you choose to request removal of content by submitting an infringement notification, please remember that you are initiating a legal process. Do not make false claims. Misuse of this process may result in the suspension of your account or other legal consequences.

You may notify Tube8 of alleged copyright infringement via our form found at This form is designed to help you identify your content accurately and help speed up the process of content take-down.

What If None Of These Have Answered My Question?

Please drop us a line at and we’ll happily help you out! Please be sure to include your username as well as the email address that you used to sign up when getting in touch.


What is Vision Industry Token/VIT?

Vision Industry Token, also known as VIT, is a cryptocurrency that runs on a blockchain network which rewards users for their engagement. That means you can get paid for commenting and voting on videos!  VIT is built specifically for entertainment, because its incentivization model motivates people to interact with the best content, and it also motivates the audience to select the best content by voting and commenting. Moreover, it is also built specifically for the adult industry by keeping all transactions discreet, and difficult to impossible for nosy people in your life to find out. The one thing that VIT is not built for is nosy people!

How do I earn Vision Industry Token/VIT?

Simply by interacting with Tube8 like you normally would. It really is that simple. Earn on VIT videos via these actions:

  • (i) Voting (e.g. like/dislike, thumbs up/thumbs down, etc.)
  • (ii) Posting of comments
  • Potentially other methods to earn in the future!

You can also earn VIT by storing your existing VIT tokens in Power/VEST, where they will appreciate based on the VIT network’s current inflation rate. This is described in greater detail in another FAQ answer.

Why do users get paid Vision Industry Token/VIT for such simple actions?

Users get paid VIT for commenting and voting on videos as all of these actions contribute to the network and the quality of the user experience. Here is the reasoning behind each type of action justifying a payment of VIT…

For Voting and Commenting

The philosophy behind VIT is that because human attention is a limited resource, it has value for the purpose of identifying the very best content. By commenting and voting on videos, VIT users will now earn tokens while contributing to the network and quality of the user experience.

How much Vision Industry Token/VIT will I get paid for each action?

That depends on how many times you’ve done a given action in the past 24 hours. To ensure that the insights we get from your actions are the most meaningful, your first action in a 24 hour period pays the most, and every action after that pays slightly less.

The actual value of each payment is determined by how much VIT you have in Power/VEST, which is described in the answer below.

What is the difference between Power/VEST and “liquid” Vision Industry Token/VIT?

In the simplest sense, “liquid” VIT is a token balance which resides in your cryptocurrency wallet. You have the freedom to spend it, send it to someone, or sell it on an exchange. In the truest sense, it is a liquid asset.

Power/VEST on the other hand, are tokens of yours that you have “staked” on the VIT blockchain network. That is, they’re locked up on the network and you cannot immediately use them. The idea behind doing this is that you’re “investing” (hence, “VEST”) in the VIT network, and this brings you three benefits…

  • (i) The more VIT you have in Power/VEST, the more impact your votes and comments will have. That is, your votes and comments will carry more weight than votes and comments from someone with less Power/VEST than you.
  • (ii) Also with the more VIT you have in Power/VEST, you will earn more VIT rewards in exchange for your actions. The VIT blockchain network is programmed so that those with more VEST will be paid a greater share of the reward pool.
  • (iii) Any VIT that you have in Power/VEST will automatically grow in value according to the VIT network’s current inflation rate. VIT that is “liquid” does not appreciate in this way.


What is VIT power?

VIT Power is a direct measurement of your influence on the platform.  You acquire it by either buying VIT tokens and converting it to VIT power (fast & easy) or by being an involved user.


What is Unclaimed VIT?

Unclaimed VIT is the amount you are “owed”.  When you claim your unclaimed VIT it goes to your VIT power.  You then can choose whether you want to keep it as “VIT power” or convert it to liquid VIT tokens and sell on an exchange.


What gives Vision Industry Token/VIT value?

The best way to explain this is in terms of supply and demand…

The “genesis block” of VIT is a limited supply of the token, meaning that there are only so many tokens in existence. Similarly, since VIT is primarily earned through actions that require human attention, those tokens are inherently limited as human attention in itself is a limited resource.

Demand for VIT is created primarily from entertainment portals that only accept VIT as payment. This can take many forms, whether that’s purchasing access to a gallery, paying for a subscription, or tipping a live performer. Suppose you want to access a gallery that costs 500 VIT to access, but you only have 200 VIT. You would need to purchase the remaining 300 VIT at the going rate on the open market. This will be made seamless for users to do, where they can pay for however many VIT they need using other currencies (e.g. US Dollar, Bitcoin, etc.), but the transaction will ultimately be settled in VIT.

In short, since the only way to access many types of exclusive content will be through VIT payment, a demand is naturally created for VIT, which is in a limited supply… thus giving it value.

What can I do with Vision Industry Token/VIT once I’ve earned it?

Generally speaking, there are three things you can do with VIT once you’ve earned it…

  • (i) Spend it – You can purchase access to content with VIT, as well as pay for subscriptions, and tip live performers. As VIT usage expands, you will be able to spend it in other ways as well, such as buying merchandise.
  • (ii) Stake it – This is where you convert your “liquid” VIT to Power/VEST. The more you have in Power/VEST, the greater the impact of your votes and comments will be. You will also earn more VIT for each of your actions, with more VIT in Power/VEST. Additionally, any VIT balance in Power/VEST will appreciate in accordance with the VIT network’s current inflation rate.
  • (iii) Sell it – Want to cash out? No problem! You can see the estimated market value of your VIT balance at any time, and you have options to sell your VIT on exchanges, to convert it to your desired form of currency.


Withdrawing VIT – In order to exchange VIT for other currencies, you first need to transfer your VIT from your VIT Wallet to an exchange or trading platform that supports VIT, such as IDAX ( or Cryptopia ( To do so, sign up for an account on such an exchange, and locate your deposit address for Vision Industry Token. In your VIT Wallet, transfer any desired and available amount of VIT to that deposit address. Once this transfer is complete, your VIT balance should show up in your deposit address account, which will give you the ability to trade your VIT for any currency supported by your exchange or trading platform.

Where can I purchase additional Vision Industry Token/VIT?

You can purchase additional VIT tokens by visiting


How do I transfer Vision Industry Token/VIT to another user on Tube8?

To transfer VIT to another user on Tube8:

  • Log into your VIT account
  • Go to your wallet
  • Navigate to “Transfer Your Funds”
  • Follow the instructions and click “Transfer”

Do I have to report my Vision Industry Token/VIT earnings on my tax return?

You should ask a tax professional for advice on this. You, as a user, are not an employee or independent contractor of either VIT or Tube8, and for that reason will not be issued any tax forms at any time. It is up to you to determine the value of any VIT that you have received, and report this in accordance with the applicable rules of your jurisdiction.

Is there any written documentation about Vision Industry Token/VIT?

Yes, you can see the official executive summary here:


For any additional questions on VIT (Vision Industry Token) you can contact them or email