I Forgot My Password/How Can I Reset My Password.

It is very easy to reset your password using the Forgot Password tool on Tube8. You can utilize this tool to reset your password & gain access to your account.

You can reset your password by clicking the Forgot Password link , or by following these steps:

1) Click on the Login button at the top right of the Tube8 homepage.

Log in to Tube8

2) Click on the Forgot Password link that appears below the login fields.

Forgot Password link on Tube8

3) Enter your email address.

Send Tube8 Password Reset

4) Click on the Send Me My Password button.

5) Check your email inbox for your temporary password.

6) Log in to Tube8 with your new temporary password.

Log in to Tube8

7) Click on the Settings link in the top-right of the page.

Edit your settings on Tube8

8) Enter your temporary password & the new password you want to use.

Change your password on Tube8

9) Click on Change Password.

I Downloaded A Bunch Of Videos, But They Won’t Open. What Gives?

When you download videos from Tube8.com they are in .flv format and not all video player software supports this format.

We suggest using VLC Player. It’s a free download and works on with Windows, Mac & Linux.

How Can I Filter Content That I Don’t Want To See?

We have a filter on the Tube8 homepage, just below the navigation tabs, titled “Filter Content”. This allows you to select content that you do NOT want to see.

Tube8 Content Filter

Tube8 Content Filter

Where Can I See My Favorites?

We consolidated the My Favorites and My Videos pages.  Now, if you click My Videos it shows your favorite videos, as well as, the videos you have uploaded.

1) Click on the My Videos tab

My Videos link on Tube8

2) View your submitted & favorite videos

My Videos page on Tube8

How Do I Add Videos To My Favorites List?

You can add a video to your favorites by clicking on the Add To Favorites button below the video.

Add a video to your Tube8 favorites

Both, the old design of Tube8 and our new design, require Java to be enabled on your browser for full functionality of the Add To Favorites button.

How Can I Remove Videos From My Favorites?

You can remove a video from your favorites by clicking the Remove From Favorites button below the video.

Remove a video from your Tube8 favorites

I Subscribed For A Premium Account. Where Is The Premium Content?

Please log in to Tube8.com, then click on the Premium tab in the header.

Log in to Tube8
Access Premium Content on Tube8

How Can I Cancel My Account?

We’re sorry to hear you want to leave our community. We will, of course, honor your request. You can find instructions for cancelling your account below.

You can cancel your account by doing the following:

1) Log in to Tube8.com

Log in to Tube8

2) Click the Settings link in the top-right of the page

Edit your settings on Tube8

3) Click on the Cancel My Account link

Cancel your Tube8 account

PLEASE NOTE: This is irreversible and all of your comments, favorites & profile customization will be permanently lost.

How Can I Cancel My Premium Membership?

To cancel your premium membership, please visit http://www.t8premiumsupport.com

I Want To Be In One Of Your Videos. How Can I Become A Pornstar?

Our website is similar to YouTube, in that it’s all user-generated content.  We are not in the business of movie production – sorry.

If you want a video on Tube8.com, all you have to do is make your own personal video and click on the Upload Video button to have it uploaded to Tube8.com.

Upload a video to Tube8

Upload a video to Tube8