Why AdBlock Blows

by Aria on August 5, 2014

Ads can be really annoying. We get it. But you know what’s really great, amazing and free as a result of the ads we embed on the site? Porn. While we can understand the appeal of using programs like AdBlock in your day to day browsing, we are asking you to reconsider using this type of software in tandem with Tube8 and the rest of the sites that comprise the Pornhub network. Here’s why:

It’s our pleasure to consistently deliver premium free porn to our community to pleasure themselves to. In order to keep this operation as well as your dicks up and running, we sell ad space. This money goes towards the general upkeep of the site and also helps to produce the porn that you love! The ad spaces made available on our site help direct traffic and potential business to our faptacular content partners. They in turn supply us with exclusive content for you and every one is happy. If our members don’t see these ads, the cycle breaks and the quality of the porn that gets made becomes compromised. Lose lose.

Our ads are designed to minimally interfere with your Tube8 experience. Unlike our competitors, you’ll only get a single pop-up ad from us within a 24 hour period. Watching your video in full screen mode or downloading it to your device will also allow you to enjoy the content without advertising.

We also work very, very hard to keep all of our sites malware free. You can take a look at our flawless Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic here. Before we introduce a new ad campaign to the site, it is thoroughly checked for any possible malware threats both by us internally as well as through multiple third party software. Any threats found are immediately removed. We do not engage in user-targeting campaigns and we never share personal data.

AdBlock, when enabled, actually interferes with some important site features and functions. To enjoy an optimal Tube8 experience, please watch the following video which explains how to remove the AdBlock extension from Firefox:

If you would like to keep the extension but disable the feature for Tube8 only, here’s how:
  •  Visit
  •  To allow ads, click the AdBlock icon where you will have 3 options:
  1. You can allow ads anywhere on the website.
  2. You can allow ads only on one specific page, however ads will still be blocked on other pages of the site.
  3. You can completely disable AdBlock until you choose to turn it on again.

Thanks for doing your part in fapping fighting the good fight!



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