All sorts of sex acts can be within a single video, so we’ve added tools to help you tell everyone on Tube8 the “where and what” as well as a clean interface for to “jump to” that portion of the video we’re calling Crowdsourced Chapter Markers, here’s how it works:

Since we are just rolling out this feature now the vast majority of videos do not have chapter markers. To fix that all you need is your Free Tube8 Account (sign up in the top-right menu of any page) and some good description skills.

Tap the “Chapters” button we’ve added below every video. Even if a video already has Chapter Markers you can still add your unique ones by tapping the “+Add Chapters” link.

Each Chapter Marker is two parts: A timestamp describing in minutes and seconds what point in the video timeline it matches to (ex. 2 minutes and 30 seconds would be “02:30”, just like how it shows in the video player), and whatever freeform text you want to use to describe the hot action. Chapter Markers can be full sentences describing what’s happening in the video at that time, so don’t be shy about telling your fellow Tube8 users what they’ll see! You can also submit multiple Chapter Markers at the same time if you want more users to understand why a particular video is special.

Once your Chapter Markers are submitted they go through a compliance and formatting process so they won’t appear right away, but rest assured if the Chapter Marker is relevant to what’s in the video it’ll make it’s way to that page in the future.

Using Chapter Markers is just as easy as tapping the “Chapters” icon, and you’ll see buttons for each timestamp along with what you’ll find there. Tapping these buttons instantly jumps the video player to that moment of the video.

We hope you all have fun expressing your porn expertise with these new Crowdsourced Chapter Markers, and we encourage everyone to pitch in with their favourite videos so everyone can enjoy finding more great performances for them to enjoy.

Adaptive Video Streaming Quality

by steven on March 1, 2022

Network conditions can change minute-by-minute and now Tube8 adapts to this reality by always delivering the best quality based on how quickly your browser/device is loading video so your porn viewing experience is uninterrupted.

Just use the quality setting “Auto” to take advantage of this new feature!

Though we now set the quality to “Auto” by default for all users, you can limit the bandwidth when on metered connections by opening the Quality Selector and manually setting a lower quality.

Make your porn experience come alive with Autoplaying Video Previews on Tube8, for free!

We pioneered moving previews before clicking on a video and now we’ve gone one step further and made them auto-play across the entire site! No more swiping to engage them or accidentally clicking when you meant to hover over, now you just scroll and see all the video previews from our wonderful Verified Studios and Models come alive whether you’re browsing or searching.

We give every a user a taste on our Top Tube8 Porn section on the homepage, but you can unlock this functionality across the site simply by creating a free account which also lets you create lists of your favourite videos or follow Channels you enjoy.

Thanks again to all our wonderful users and we cannot wait to bring you all sorts of great features in the future!

With your Free Account on Tube8 you can favorite videos and earn badges based on your viewing habits, and you can also follow your friends/partners to see the videos they are into. Now you can customize your Free Profile with any standard Emoji you’d like which will appear at the top of your Profile and next to any Comments you post for our Channels and Porn Models!

Just Log In or create your Free Account now (check the top-right of and head to the Settings page, right at the top you’ll see the option to type in your favorite emoji from your Emoji Keyboard (available with one tap on iOS and Android, and available by hitting the Windows button + the . key on Windows 10) and hitting “Change Avatar”.

We’re always adding great new features for our Free Accounts so get yours today and follow us for more info!

Tube8 now with ChromeCast!

by Roxi on August 18, 2016

Hey y’all,

Good news! Tube8 is now available on Chromecast on our desktop and mobile platform (Tablet incoming soon)! For those of you who are not familiar with this, Chromecast is a device that allows to watch your favorite porn from your smartphone or mobile device on your TV.

How to setup– To set up Chromecast, all you need is a TV with an HDMI port, a Wi-Fi connection and either a computer or a mobile device with Google’s Chrome browser. Simply connect the Chromecast to your TV’s HDMI port, visit on your PC, download the app and follow the instructions from there. When choosing the video you like, you can click on the Chromecast icon and select on which device you would like to cast from!

Please check out the link below for all the details:,news-18309.html

Once you reach the video player, just press the Chromecast icon and you’re set! Enjoy!












Roxi out xo


Hello everybody,

Awesome news! For those who like using Tube8 &  Pornhub, you will now be able to sign into Tube8 with your Pornhub account!  It’s simple really… Just press the Sign up with Pornhub button and you are in! You are now able to use all our member only features like favorite lists, commenting and uploading your own videos.

The best part? If you are a Pornhub Premium user, you get ads free experience on Tube8!

I know you guys will enjoy this! ;)

Roxi out


Tube8’s new filter!

April 19, 2016

Hey y’all, Make sure you check out our new ”Magic”  filter for videos!  You simply click on the ”Categories” tab and you will see the filter tab to your right hand side. From there, things just get way easier ;)           Here is the best top 5 ways to filter!   […]

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New HD video’s for everyone!

November 26, 2015

Hey y’all! We’ve got big news for those of you who enjoy watching and uploading high quality videos. The HD option will now be available for everyone!  It’s easier than baking a cake! Here are some examples down below. Hoping to see all your sexy videos in great quality soon! Roxi ;) Tweet

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Public Agent Videos Now Exclusive to the Pornhub Network

October 23, 2014

  Public Agent – Trusty camcorder in hand and a little cash in his pocket, the Public Agent walks the streets of Europe on the hunt for the next major superstar…or so he’ll make you believe! With the incredible lifestyle promised to these girls of fame and fortune and talk of becoming Europes next supermodel, these girls will do […]

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Tube8’s New Star Seeker Badge Will Have You Seeing Stars!

July 3, 2014

We’ve noticed that many members of the Tube8 Community have been getting hard and working harder on scoring badges and leveling up within our achievements system. It’s awesome! We like to keep our faptacular users on their toes so we have recently added a fun new badge for you all to lust after; the Star […]

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