Hot and Bothered – Burning Angel Relaunch and Exclusive Tube 8 Content!

by Aria on July 4, 2013

We hope that you all had a very fappy 4th of July – the celebrating isn’t over. As a member of the Pornhub Network, Tube 8 is proud to announce it’s exclusive partnership with Burning as they gear up for their highly anticipated relaunch! Here at Tube 8 we cream for Joanna Angel and the smoking hot goth, punk and emo models featured on both of her sites. How could you not?


With a decade of experience in adult entertainment under her belt, Joanna Angel is indisputably THE industry leader of alt porn. The Burning Angel empire that we have all cum to know and love began when Joanna finished university and made it her mission to give porn a punk rock makeover.

She and her harem of tattooed beauties have changed the game in terms of porn star aesthetics and have proved to the world that piercings, tattoos and mohawks just make fucking funner to watch. We are so stoked on our involvement with the brand new Burning Angel and hope that you all love the super sexy exclusive content. Cum check it out below!

Burning Angel EXCLUSIVELY on Tube8! Punk Slaves Skin Diamond & Kelly Chaos Get Fucked Into Submission.

Burning Angel Sex Slaves Skin Diamond and Kelly Chaos brought to you by Tube8

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greg shires November 15, 2013 at 12:49 pm

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greg November 15, 2013 at 1:10 pm

I already left a comment I said no one knows how to have women enjoy anal sex. they are too fast and just taking care of them selves. Many women really enjoy anal sex if they have abouta good understanding partner who is slow and understanding . My wife never thought she would like anal sex. We were 52 years old before we tried it . It is the best orgasam she has ever had, and now it,s her first choice in how we finish. The trick is patience and slow tenderness. You don,t just pop in and start pounding, it,s all about timing and caring about your partner pleasure the rewards are great for the both of you. The secret is wanting to give more pleasure to your partner than what you recieve

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