Where to find Tube8 on Twitter!

by Aria on November 11, 2011

Since many of our awesome Tube8.com users tend to be funny and talkative (take a look at the comments below some of our most popular videos), we wanted to let you know where to find us on one of our favorite social networks: Twitter!

We like twitter because it lets us swear and talk about sex all day, unlike other social networks that can be prudish and boring – not to mention downright hostile towards adult sites. So if you are ever looking for us and our tweets, here’s where we can be found (and followed!):


This is our main account, currently tickling the pink parts of nearly 20 000 followers. It is run by our social media / support guy Nate, who also happens to be writing this blog (hello! -Ed.). Funny tweets, dirty tweets, chats with followers and moments of insight are all served up here, 7 days a week. This is also where you will find info for Tube8.com contests, special announcements, links to other Pornhub network accounts, and links to our blog posts… Like this one!


This is a brand new account that we just launched this week, to provide our followers with a 24/7 stream of the best videos Tube8 has to offer. It is updated several times per day with short, attractive links that lead right to the video player page of Tube8.com. Pure porny goodness!

Here's what the @tube8 account looks like. Notice the YouPorn retweet. Fam!

We hope you stop by and say hi!

The Tube8 Team

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